Cooking for Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Our next course is starting in April 2024


We offer cooking for health and wellbeing courses for various groups such as parents and people homeless/vulnerably housed. These focus on supporting people with how to prepare affordable, healthy meals with different ingredients.

If you would be interested in attending a free cooking course as a parent, or for any other reason, contact Marie -

We had the best ingredients for our workshops!

The Yummiest food was created.

Partners Feedback from our Pilot workshop

Partners feedback –

A guest came into the project last Friday as proud as punch with her certificate in food hygiene. This makes my job so worthwhile to see the accomplishment and achievement on a Guest's face, well done, people seem to be loving the workshops you are both putting on! The feedback that I have received from Guests was mostly of pride, increased confidence, great enjoyment and achievement to be part of something and to be learning new skills. 

I have a meeting with St Giles Church and four of the Guests that attended these workshops with the hope that they will be a major part in the development of the St Giles church café. Katrina Horne -Project Director, The Gatehouse.


It was really nice to see the group so quickly bonding. What had begun as a power struggle, with some taking the lead over others, had turned into a beautiful example of co-operation. We saw people working together, honouring one another's creativity and capacity when making a meal. It enabled some more experienced members, more responsibility, and others who had just began to still feel welcomed and valuable.

What's more, by week three, we had already seen almost half of the course passing their food hygiene and safety course, including those who were less confident at computer work. Waste2Taste examples what a group can achieve when homeless people are valued and trusted, treated as equals in the kitchen rather than 'vulnerable adults' in need of extensive supervision. The result was a beautiful meal, but also a beautiful community that members already mourn the approaching loss of.

Simon Hughes – Activities Co-ordinator, O’Hanlon House.


W2T is completely wonderful, an extraordinary mix of vulnerable adults, all seeming to chivvy each other along, congratulating each other on their achievements, an atmosphere of a calm, learning community interjected with a few quirky moments. The gentle leadership comes from Marie and Sandra, the cooking is pitched at a level where some can lead, and others can follow. And to sit and all eat lunch together is really special for most of those attending. You would never be able to quantify the value to the individuals in monetary terms, but the ripple effect and the communal sense of belonging is palpable. It will definitely instil confidence when handling food and using different produce. Devising what to cook from a selection of surplus is a clever concept, making everyone think about waste and the value of food.

Deborah – Trustee, OFB.


It was such a pleasure being able to witness the workshop at the Wesley Memorial Hall and see how wonderfully you’ve brought together such a disparate group of people and somehow given all of them a sense of achievement and belonging. It was both uplifting and humbling.

Paul Medley – Chair of Trustees, OFB 


(May 2018)

Our Partnership with Oxford Food Bank just got even Better Cooking & Wellbeing workshops for homeless & vulnerably housed adults just started.

We are pleased to announce a fantastic project coming up March 2018

Cooking and Wellbeing workshops

for Homeless & Vulnerably housed adults.


Starting at Wesley Memorial Church in Oxford on Friday 2nd March.

We are working with the Oxford Gatehouise & Homeless Oxfordshire

For more info or for a referral Please contact: 

Project funded by The Oxford FoodBank!

"The workshops will show how to make great-tasting nutritious food that doesn’t cost much money.

Ingredients will be sourced almost entirely from food surplus, focusing on being creative with what’s available.

Participants will learn at their own pace, with time and space for all individuals respecting all abilities.

We want people to leave the workshops feeling confident in their abilities to cook good food."

(March 2018)