Food With a Conscience



  • To provide affordable and ethical food from sustainable resources.

     We are an external catering business with a social mission.




  • To set up Oxford's first permanent food surplus Café providing healthy, nutritious and affordable food with an ethical and sustainable approach.  
  • To address food waste, food poverty and homelessness.  
  • The café will use food surplus as its main ingredients, and have a ‘never waste anything’ approach, creating a place for anyone and everyone.
  • The Oxford Food Bank are supporting our venture and we hope to gain the support of other suppliers and partners who share our ethos and vision.
  • The café will provide mentoring and training opportunities to the homeless and vulnerably housed. 



Food is a celebration of Life

Our food is colourful, global and eclectic with a gourmet, playful edge. We are inspired by flavours and ingredients from around the world !