Waste2Taste @ Ark T Centre


Our Partnership with Oxford Food Bank just got even Better

Cooking & Wellbeing workshops for homeless & vulnerably housed adults just started.



"The workshops will show how to make great-tasting nutritious food that doesn’t cost much money.

Ingredients will be sourced almost entirely from food surplus, focusing on being creative with what’s available.

Participants will learn at their own pace, with time and space for all individuals respecting all abilities.

We want people to leave the workshops feeling confident in their abilities to cook good food."


Pop-up Bistro Evening 3rd February

The greatest pleasures in life!

Sharing love and gorgeous food with others.

Cooking and Wellbeing Workshops

We are pleased to announce a fantastic project      coming up in March:                                                        **Cooking and wellbeing workshops.**                For homeless & vulnerably housed adults.                                                                                         Starting at Wesley Memorial Church in Oxford on Friday 2nd March.  

                      We are working with the Oxford Gatehouse and Homeless Oxford                                                     For more info or for a referral please contact us :                                                                                     info@waste2taste.co.uk                                                         Project funded by The Oxford Food BanK  !  

Love is in the Air...

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